About Hypno-workout

Hypno-Workout is a combination of Visualization, Empowering self talk and direct suggestions to body parts while moving and exercising the body. Most have a negative feeling when they hear the word “workout”. It feels like work or pain and naturally the resistance is high when getting people to start working-out.Hypno-Workout changes that negative feeling to a positive one. As we change the INTERNAL dialogue, we automatically change the external self. It’s union of of mind and body to reach the best possible results and actually enjoy the process.
Libia came up with this concept as she was training her clients. Realizing that they were in a state of hypnosis while exercising, the power of suggestions in that state is greater then in a regular state. She began using visualization and direct suggestions to the body during training and seeing clients reach their goals much faster and actually seeing them enjoying the sessions more. Her training sessions became their Power Hour instead of something they resisted or did not like. The key in having the body we want is in our daily choices. The key in keeping the body we want is in our lifestyle changes. Our bodies are the most valuable computerized vehicles we will ever own. As we learn how to use it and program it to the best of our ability, it will take care of us better and longer then we can ever imagine.
Hypno-Workout is a life-changing tool that shifts the body from the Inside out!