About Libia

Libia began her career early on as a Surgical Nurse. She worked with one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Beverly Hills. During those years she witnessed many patients, especially women, desiring a better body and going through surgery repeatedly to achieve their goals. She noticed that many women came back for more work to be done externally… however they were not doing the INTERNAL work on themselves which eventually made them gain the weight back and made them feel more work needed to be done.

She noticed those who truly succeeded with their goals and had the best results were the ones who did the INTERNAL work. The ones who changed their eating habits and followed a regular exercise program or had a personal trainer or coach. She became very interested in the physiological and psychological root causes of weight gain and health.

In 1998, Libia decided in order to really help people reach their goals and sustained them she needed to learn how to master the INTERNAL self. She went back to school and studied nutrition and personal training and worked as a personal trainer while enrolling in a Hypnotherapy College. During her internship, she specialized in Weight Management. She saw many of her personal training clients and some of the surgery patients for hypnotherapy and realized how the subconscious is the one who really is in control. Every thing we do especially how we eat, what we eat, and why we eat are not done consciously, there are deep seeded subconscious beliefs that will keep us a certain weight no matter how much surgery or work we do on the body, the INTERNAL programming is everything. What most people do not realize is that their internal programs were designed the first 8 years of life.

For over 20 years Libia has helped many people, to be their best selves through the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL work. Not only do they reach their health and fitness goals but they also get a lifelong shift mentally and emotionally.